Each year around this time the media approaches our Council wanting to know how we celebrate Christmas and what our views are on its celebration in Australia. However, this year, we decided to convey our views before our views are sought.

“Christmas is an important part of the religious calendar of Australia and indeed many parts of the world from which migrants and refugees have come to Australia to make it their home. So we should all celebrate it”, said Mr. Ramdas Sankaran, President of the Ethnic Communities Council of WA.

“How each of us celebrate it will obviously be different, for some it is a solemn religious celebration; and for others it is a time to reflect and extend greetings to those who celebrate it”, he added.

“The celebration of Christmas epitomises the public policy of multiculturalism which seeks to enhance the understanding of religious and cultural diversity of our people and to promote goodwill, and respect for all Australians regardless of their religious and cultural affiliations.”

“it is a great time to reflect upon this and hopefully our Prime Minister and other leaders who have publicly argued that multiculturalism has made us stronger than we otherwise would have been, will not seek to implement any more policies which weaken multiculturalism. Furthering an understanding and acceptance of the tenets of all religions and taking “religion” out of Terrorism”, would be a great beginning,: Said Mr. Sankaran.

“On behalf of the Ethnic Communities Council of WA, I wish all Australians a merry Christmas and may 2018 bring them, their families and their communities good health, peace, prosperity and joy”, he added.


For media enquiries please contact Ramdas Sankaran on 0418275786 or Suresh Rajan on 0415369755

Christmas a Time for Celebration and Reflection