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Our Vision and Mission 

About Us


The Ethnic Communities Council of Western Australia, established in 1975, has been providing advocacy services for multicultural groups and communities in Western Australia for over 44 years and is a member of the National Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA). Through its various programs over the years, ECCWA has been able to provide various forms of advocacy and support to its members. ECCWA has over 80 Community and Organisational members across the State of Western Australia and has relationships with various Government agencies at the Local, State and Federal levels. This new website will inform you of the various services and programs the Council provides.

ECCWA Vision


A fair and just society, one in which all people are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the community and are supported to reach their full potential, where diversity is valued, and people live in harmony.

ECCWA Mission


To work with member non-government and stakeholders to ensure:

  • Ethnic community participation and consultation in decision-making at all levels 

  • Provision of research and policy

  • Access to all information and equitable sharing of government and community resources

  • Just and harmonious relations within our multicultural community

  • A consultative, advisory and training service to government and non-government organisations



Praying Together
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