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Ethnic Advocacy Support Team

ECCWA provides support and advocacy to Multicultural or CaLD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse ) individuals and families who are in need but unable to access government-funded services through the Ethnic Advocacy Support Team ( EAST ). The purpose of EAST is to ensure that all multicultural persons have access to services when facing challenges in life. The services it provides will not overlap with ones that are provided by ECCWA members but rather,  will work alongside current funded services.

" This is a team of passionate volunteers who are keen to help prevent people from falling into the gaps between funded services. Often the systems and policies can be very confusing and bewildering for multicultural persons"  - stated Vivienne Pillay, Executive Officer " Our focus is 'client first', and we are interested in the goals of our client and endeavor to find ways to help them achieve this." She added.



EAST services will assist CaLD communities such as :


  • Multicultural persons dealing with diverse hospital systems in relation to critical/ challenging conditions

  • Refugees who have been in the country for more than 5 years

  • Multicultural women transitioning from Women' refugees into the wider community who need continuous support due to isolation when ineligible for funded services. These women often feel as though they have no one to turn to and have no communities or friends. EAST strives to assist them in building new support networks that can help them with their new found independence

  • Elderly people or seniors who need to access aged care/ pension who have possibly little family in WA or limited community support. 

 COVID-19 Family & Domestic Violence Safety Plan

The Women's Health and Family Services and the ECCWA has developed a Safety Plan infographic for victims of FDV during COVID-19 lockdowns. The infographics are available in 11 different languages.

EAST hope to assist the Multicultural or CaLD community by:

  • Helping clients in developing strong relationships with the Social Work Departments of hospitals and where necessary, with the Health Consumer's Council 

  • Referring them to suitable services including Counselling services

  • Assisting clients in finding and applying for  education and employment opportunities

  • Assisting clients with Centrelink  Age Pension applications.    

Since the ECCWA is a not-for-profit organisation, EAST provides services to clients on a fee for service basis. Fortunately, fees are significantly reduced and are scaled based on the amount of work involved as well the client's income and circumstances.


A standard admin fee for an initial consultation is only $10.00 plus GST.




Phone: 0452 399 717 or 9227 5322


In the case of an emergency, please call the 24/7 crisis line 9223 1111





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