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Macedonian Community International Women's Day Event

The Macedonian Community is hosting a special International Women's Day event on the 4th of March to celebrate Macedonian women and Macedonian culture.

The event will take guests down a trip to memory lane, as there will be a re-creation of an olden day village with a demonstration of how people used to cook, wash, tendered their gardens by hand without the help of modern appliances. Guests will expect to see plenty of traditional village dress, food and music. 

On the day, the national dishes tufche grufche, which comprises of dried beans made into a stew, will be served along with home made bread, pogucha and all of the trimmings. 

There will also be baskets of home grown produce such as olives, garlic, rockmelons and onions, as well as hand made handicrafts and garments brought over by immigrants during the 1920s.

Not only will this day be a nostalgic showcase of the past for the elderly, it will also show the young people the wonderful crafts and way of life of immigrant Macedonian women that should be preserved and 

appreciated by the future generations.

This event is limited to Macedonian men and women. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Macedonian Community via

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