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Finding Freedom

Every year, Refugee Week stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity for individuals displaced by conflict and persecution. It raises awareness about the struggles and triumphs of refugees, binding us together in a national celebration of our shared humanity. In 2023, we find ourselves rallying around a profound and evocative theme: "Finding Freedom".

Australia's ethnic communities, a vibrant tapestry woven from diverse backgrounds and cultures, are strongly committed to supporting and amplifying the message of Refugee Week. The theme of "Finding Freedom" resonates deeply with us, reminding us of our own historical narratives of struggle, survival, and the pursuit of a better life.

What does "freedom" truly mean? The absence of fear, the preservation of human rights, living without persecution, the equality of opportunities - these aspects encapsulate the essence of freedom. Every day, millions embark on perilous journeys, driven by the primal need for safety and liberty. The refugee experience often represents a poignant quest for freedom – a quest that takes them across borders and vast oceans, to unfamiliar lands like Australia.


As individuals who have also navigated cultural transitions, we empathize with the trials and tribulations of finding a new home, a new career, or forming new friendships in an alien environment. Yet, in these challenges lie the potential for immense growth, resilience, and the ability to dream anew. We see reflections of our own experiences in their journey, making our support for Refugee Week 2023 all the more meaningful.

Previous themes of Refugee Week, including "Healing," "Unity," "Year of Welcome," and "#WithRefugees," to name a few, have each painted a unique facet of the refugee narrative.

This year, "Finding Freedom" brings a fresh perspective, emphasising the refugees' indomitable spirit in the pursuit of freedom and the opportunities that unfold once they find it.


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As part of the Federation of Ethnic Communities' Council of Australia, we are proud to support the Refugee Week 2023. We encourage everyone to make the most of the resources available on the Refugee Week website to participate in events that shed light on the journey towards freedom. Let's come together to demonstrate compassion, celebrate resilience, and acknowledge the invaluable contributions refugees make to our multicultural society.

In celebrating Refugee Week, we not only honour the resilience of refugees but also reinforce our shared commitment to building a world where freedom isn't a dream but a reality. We look forward to joining hands with you all in this celebration, because, in our diversity, we find our strength, and in our unity, we find our freedom.

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