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Media Statements

Media Releases


Call for Recognition and Increased Support for CALD Communities in WA State Budget

Welcoming New Strategies for Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

Swimming Lessons for CALD Residents in Response to Recent Drowning Tragedies


ECCWA Endorses Joint Resolution and Supports Yes 23 Campaign


Yaso Ponnuthurai new ECCWA President

Women and Housing


International Women's Day 2021

Honorary Alex Hawke MP Media Release 3000 Humanitarian Places for Afghanistan



ECCWA commends the  changes to AMEP.

ECCWA sends wishes to the families affected by the Christchurch Killer

ECCWA reminds us of Sorry Day

ECCWA Commends Immigration Revamp Suggestions

WAMNNEWS: Covid19 Racism Banners Sparking Outrage Among Multicultural Leaders 

Council warns against Racist Incidents

COVID-19 Relief Appeal Launched

ECCWA applauds Multicultural Policy Framework

ECCWA  Media Release : Council urges Communities to take care and be prepared for Cancellations of gatherings

Council expresses concern about racist material found in parts of Perth 

Council reiterates call for calm and caution on COVID19

Council expresses concern at rhetoric  over cupcake controversy

Council again calls for calm and caution in relation to Coronavirus

Ethnic Communities Bush Fire Appeal Launched


ECCWA Media Release introducing New Committee

Compassion and Common Sense has prevailed over crass political opportunism

Council commends Bipartianship committment to end violence against women

Frydenberg Budget Ignores Poverty and the Lessons of Christchurch

Don't Coloured Australians' Lives Matter Anymore

Lessons of Christchurch are too Important to Ignore

ECCWA Presser IWD 2019

Liberal Party Condemned for its Boycott of Election Forum

Make Your Vote Count this Election

Timely Reminder to swap Harmony Day for Harmony Week

Vale Russel Cuthbert Raymond OAM


End of a magnificent era


Benevuto & Bravissimo Signor McGowan, Arriverdeci Signor Barnett

Council Commends Paul Papalia's Appointment as Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural interests

Liberals Refuse to Heed Lessons from WA Electoral Hiding





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