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As the peak umbrella organisation of ethnic organisations in Western Australia, it is our duty to represent your organisation's interest and ensure you have access to effective systemic advocacy that advocates for you to have the necessary resources to serve your respective communities. Our membership program allows all of our members ( see our member list here) to exchange and benefit from each other's services such as  settlement grant programs, women's services and mental health services. Annual memberships for 2023-2024 fee is $33.00 (inc. gst.). Memberships are open to  key organisations working with multicultural or CaLD persons, community agencies and persons of cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

To sign up, please complete the document attached below and email it to Alternatively, if you wish to seek  further information, please call us on (08) 9227 5322 to speak to an ECCWA officer and or  schedule a meeting with our Policy officers or with Mr Baily Fernandez,  the ECCWA's   Executive Officer .  

After receiving your Welcome Letter from ECCWA, and when you're ready to make and online payment for your annual membership fee, please click the "Pay Now" button below.

This will securely process your payment of $33.00 (inc. GST) through PayPal

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