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ECCWA Welcomes Our Newly Elected Board Members and Office Bearers

We are thrilled to announce the election results of our new distinguised Board Member and Office Bearers. Each brings a wealth of expertise and fresh perspectives that will be invaluable as we navigate the future and continue to strive for excellence in every aspect of our organisation.

Sadhana Bose joins us the President of ECCWA. 

Divya Sharma has been elected as our new Vice President.

Seren Ulusoy and Theresa Ng have retained their positions as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Along with the Office Bearers there is also a change in Board Members, with the new members being; Meggie Collie, Neelam Wadhwani, Syed Muzaffar Ahmed and Emem Udo

We look forward to the ideas and energy they will bring to the boardroom. Their leadership and guidance will be key to our continued growth and success.

 ECCWA Board

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