Policy and Advocacy


ECCWA’s  policy ,advocacy and information program has the following objectives:
Ensure that ECCWA’s policy positions contribute to Government policy making
Promote and safeguard the interests of Multicultural/CaLD communities in WA.
Facilitate dissemination of state government information to multicultural/ethnic communities.


Key Performance Outcomes:

State government policies that better reflect the needs of a culturally diverse society
Information that can be used to provide a timely, relevant and comprehensive, consultative and advisory service to the Minister.
Ethnic Communities are better informed of State government policies and programs.
Voice of multicultural/ethnic communities is effectively heard by political and bureaucratic decision-makers.




ECCWA Ishar FDV submission to inquiry

Public consultation on English language requirement and the new sponsorship framework  for the partner visa program

ECCWA's support for FECCA's request to ethnic data count in Australia