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Welcome to the Ethnic Communities Council of WA

The ECCWA is the State's peak ethnic umbrella organisation. It is a non-government, non-profit community based organisation which takes an active interest in all aspects of multiculturalism and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) affairs and acts on behalf of all ethnic communities in Western Australia.


 On this website, you will easily access information on our operations, organisational structure, publications and contact details. We aim to address the different needs of all of our stakeholders by adding additional sections such as Membership, Volunteer with Us and EAST (Ethnic Advocacy Support Team - our advocacy services for individuals). We will also publish training opportunities being offered by ECCWA and our members.


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                       Curtin Research Project

If you were born in Sub-Saharan Africa, North East or South East Asia and are over 18, take 10 minutes to help your community by completing completing the MiBSS Survey.


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We strive to enhance culturally and linguistically diverse community awareness and understanding of citizenship
This program aims to achieve the following: Promote the participation in citizenship-related activities.
Promote harmonious relations between ethnic communities as well as between ethnic communities and the wider community.

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Achieving sustainability is one of the major challenges for the twenty first century. The WA Collaboration is an historic partnership of organisations committed to a just and sustainable Western Australia. The groups involved cover a range of perspectives of the non-government
sector that have recognised the opportunities for positive social, environmental and economic reforms within the sustainability agenda.

Collectively, the groups on the Steering Committee represent thousands of organisations, community groups and organisations and individuals currently working towards a just and sustainable Western Australia.

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ECCWA’s advocacy, policy and information program has the following objectives:

  • Ensure that ECCWA’s policy positions contribute to Government policy making

  • Promote and safeguard the interests of CaLD communities in WA.

  • Facilitate dissemination of state government information to ethnic communities.


The ECCWA provides specialised advocacy and support services for individuals unable to access government-funded services through the Ethnic Advocacy and Support Team ( EAST). 

We also provide support for CaLD community members who have experienced racial discrimination through the Racism Matters advocacy team.