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Dear Clients, 

The Cannington Office will be closed until the 11 May 2022. However, our North Perth office will be open as per usual.

We apologise for any inconveniences caused.


Latest news

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Representatives from political parties will be invited to present their policies and commitments at our annual pre-election forum as part as an initiative to encourage informed voting. Please RSVP by Friday 6 May on 


2022 PRE-ELECTION FORUM banner (2).png

Our programs


Policy & advocacy

  • We work towards ensuring that ECCWA’s policy positions contribute to Government policy making

  • Promote and safeguard the interests of CaLD communities in WA.

  • Facilitate dissemination of state government information to ethnic communities.

  • Support and advocacy services for individuals are provided through the

  • Ethnic advocacy and Support Team 


Citizenship &
community relations

We strive to enhance CaLD community awareness and understanding of citizenship.

We promote the participation in citizenship-related activities.Promote harmonious relations between ethnic communities as well as between ethnic communities and the wider community.

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The WA Collaboration is an historic partnership of organisations committed to a just and sustainable Western Australia. The groups involved cover a range of perspectives of the non-governments sector that have recognised the opportunities for positive social, environmental and economic reforms within the sustainability agenda.


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