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Citizenship and Community Relations


Enhance culturally and linguistically diverse community awareness and understanding of citizenship and promote their participation in citizenship related activities.
Promote harmonious relations between ethnic communities as well as between ethnic communities and the wider community.

Key Performance Outcomes:

Increased awareness within Multicultural/CaLD communities of proactive citizenship opportunities
Increased participation of ethnic communities in citizenship related activities.
Enhanced community awareness and acceptance of the relationship between multiculturalism and citizenship.
Greater collaborative activities between various ethnic groups and between ethnic and mainstream communities. 
Encourage mainstream organisations adopting a more inclusive approach to addressing cultural diversity.
Heightened awareness within the wider community of critical issues relevant to achieving positive community relations.


Performance Indicators:

An increase in the participation of multicultural/ethnic communities in citizenship related activities.
An increase in the number of activities amongst various multicultural/ethnic groups and between multicultural/ethnic communities and mainstream organisations.
Evidence of mainstream organisations adopting a more inclusive approach when addressing cultural diversity issues.
ECCWA participation in citizenship and community relations activities as evidenced by:
membership of committees
Collaborative work undertaken with key stakeholders.

Through the year ECCWA has organised different activities as part of the citizenship and community relations program.

FECCA response to Aged Care Royal Commission 2021

International Women's Day in 2021 and scheduled for March 2022

Suicide Prevention Workshop 2021

Racism Matters workshops and training sessions

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